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Sue McGlone

Sue McGlone


Sue started writing at a very young age. Here, she’s working on her debut collection of critically acclaimed short stories, Tales from The Playpen. Sadly, Sue’s early success was short lived, with her sequel, Crawling to Victory, failing to recapture the imagination of even her most ardent fans.

Having become taller, Sue qualified as a professional Youth and Community Worker, with a BA in Youth Studies and a PGDip in The Ethics of Social Welfare.

And, she definitely kept on scribbling because as  every aspiring writer knows…

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Landing herself another career that she loved (that was lucky!), she also spent many busy years managing advocacy and support projects for young people in care, before becoming a freelance trainer and consultant.

Right now, Sue’s working on a middle grade fantasy novel and, for much older people, a selection of short stories which means that recently, she’s been spending way too much  time with a loveable psychopath called Eugene.

In other news, she is a film addict, marmite lover and all round animal defender. Unfortunately, her dream of putting her certificate in animal assisted therapy to good use, has been thwarted by her fiendishly intelligent border collie – who, to the best of his knowledge, only enjoys the company of three human beings in world. He already lives with two of them.

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