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Stuart White


Too old for Hogwarts, too few midi-chlorians to become a Jedi, too tall for a hobbit, too weak-stomached for GoT. Basically, I love the SFF but I’m not a main character, that’s why I write about them!

I’m a 34-year-old Scottish writer, who also teaches Biology, and loves rugby, burgers, and watching too many series on Netflix (I’m more Netflix and geek, than chill, alright?). And, of course, reading all the YA SFF!

Seriously, strike up a conversation about Star Wars or Marvel/DC and I’m all yours…

Stuart has been long listed for Yeovil Literary Prize (2015), Spotlight First Novel Prize (2017) and Flash 500 Novel Opening (2015), shortlisted for the New Voices (2017) prize and was runner-up in Inks and Insights Masters Novel Prize (2015).

He is also an ex-CBC Online Writing for Children’s course graduate, where he learned loads under the tutelage of Catherine Johnson and was a #PitProm finalist in 2017.

He is represented by Sharon Belcastro at the Belcastro Agency.

His debut novel, STORM RISING, is due to be published by Nine Star Press very soon.

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