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#PeerPitch #1st250 – all the entries for feedback

  1. The Twelve Dancing Monks of Little Todai Temple by Cassandra Farrin
  2. This is no courtyard by Marte Mittet
  3. Code Word for Crazy by E.C. Farrell
  4. Immunology by Elisa Stryker
  5. Accidentally Cursed by Loretta Chefchaouni
  6. Farseeker – Quest for the Keymaster by Alison Hunt
  7. HOPE RUNS FREE by Martha Taylor McKiever
  8. James Rash and the Septacular Septuplets by James Gettys II
  9. Demelza Clock & The Spectre Detectors by Holly Rivers
  10. CHANCE UPON WILMARTIN by Darin TaDream (Trigger Warning: rape, incest)
  11. For Better or Worse by Sandra Panting
  12. DUODECIM by Mads Bertasio
  13. Weirdos Of London by Ellie Lock
  14. The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep by Marisa Noelle
  15. Dragon Lies by Hannah Samson
  16. Milton Hits the Headlines by Emma Dykes
  17. FEARFull by Heather James
  18. Uncured by Katina Wright
  19. The Wishbone Curse by Anna Orridge
  20. Eat, Sleep, Mine, Repeat by Marisa Noelle
  21. The Boy From The Mist by Hannah Dunn
  22. Spare by Jan Carr
  23. The Misadventures of Oliver the Penguin by Nia Alavezos
  24. The Care and Keeping of Concertina by Gillian Bentley
  25. Troglodyte by Lydia Massiah
  26. The Library of Alexandria by Sarah Devlin
  27. TOTALITY by Caroline Murphy
  28. 76 Rothesay Road by Emma De Vito
  29. Milk Moon by Anne Boyere
  31. Red Fox Hiding by Nicola Keller
  32. Jaz and the Mysterious Tablet: Faraway World by Deb Drick
  33. Chasing the Horizon by Vivyan Lynne
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