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Lisa Montgomery



Fan of: post its, notebooks and strong cheese.
Most likely to: fall over a mote of dust.
Obsessions: the sea.
Inspired by Jasper Fforde, Atticus Finch and freaky glow-in-the-dark beasties.

Lisa is a graduate of King Alfred’s College University of Southampton, with a History and Drama (Hons) degree. She has never posed as a tree since but still basks in the limelight of playing the third munchkin on the right.

After 20 years in kids’ television where Sponge Bob and Scooby-Doo were her biggest clients, she gave up the rock’n’roll lifestyle (Free croissants at breakfast meetings.) to become a writer.

Loves re-reading childhood favourites with her very terrible and loud daughters. Is so familiar with he who should not be named, that she could name his favourite underpants brand. A dark arts enthusiast, she creeps around the garden in the pit of night plucking grass and dandelions for her obese lop-eared rabbit who is on a diet.

Currently writing a Mermaid novel so requires one swim-up bar to complete research.

Lucky enough to have been tutored by some absolutely fantastic authors including, Sophia Bennett, Keren David, Elizabeth Hawkins, and Catherine Johnson.

She lives in Essex, avoiding Essex Jokes.

Ecstatic to be accepted on the Curtis Brown course in 2015 where she met this talented bunch.



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