I’m Stuart, big Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan and organiser of #WriteMentor!

I’ve got my basic mentor profile here but I wanted to expand on the kind of thing I like or what I’m looking for in a mentees manuscript.

First and foremost I’m looking for a writer who has a good grasp of all the basics; that’s structure, pacing, characters arcs, dialogue and world building (which is not just an epic 10-page, static description! Keep them descriptions active!)

We don’t have time during the programme to work on those. Sorry, but that’s the reality.

But beyond this, I want to read something epic and/or something with huge heart and emotional appeal. Something which at the centre of the story is a drive/want/need/goal which the majority of people can relate to!

I want revenge stories, love those, and your down-trodden rising rebellions – but make it different to everything I’ve ever read (not asking much am I??) – and I want your superpowers (again, lets make them original) and your techy Sci-Fi (but not too heavy, at the expense of the story)!



Then layer in your epic world building!

So what kind of stories do I mean?

Pierce Brown’s Red Rising is one of my favourite SF of recent time. I adore Dave Rudden’s Knights of the Borrowed Dark trilogy for MG! Red Queen books, Frostblood, Children of Blood and Bone, all incredibly rousing books! If you have anything like any of these, I would love to work on it with you!

What will you get from me?

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m in front a computer almost all the time. I read a lot and I am very analytical – when I watch tv series, I make mental notes on when they drop the inciting incident, predict character arcs based on how they present at the start, study the types and variety fo obstacles posed, analyse the proportion of storyline given over to sub plots or arcs for secondary characters, study the escalation to the crisis and climax point. I love the study of story structure and as a result, I do enjoy the traditional formats but I’m total open to something different. If it works!

I am a great communicator (always at my comp!) so you won’t have to wait long for responses and even when I’m away for my week’s holiday this summer, I’ll be available for questions and chats intermittently. I am very honest and I don’t believe in allowing something that isn’t working to remain uncommented upon. All comments will be constructive and about how to improve rather than critical of what’s not working.

I’m a school teacher of 12 years, so I hope I’ve managed to achieve the balance of carrot and stick!

From my own writing POV, I pretty much exclusively write Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so I’m probably not a great fit for anything else, but if it has elements of magic and it’s emotionally engaging, then don’t count me out.

In terms of what I’ll deliver – I’ll do a full developmental edit – BIG PICTURE! Then, we’ll have a look at any scenes/chapters which are still not working/powerful enough/need to be cut and then we’ll have a look at smaller elements. As I said on my profile, I’m not amazing with line edits, but I’ll do my very best with that, too.

I’m happy to answer any questions, either in the comments or get me over on Twitter @swhitewriting