I KNOW WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO DIE by Michael J Bowler (1st)

Michael J Bowler Author
Michael J Bowler

Genre: mystery/thriller

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: Given the power to know when people are going to die, sixteen-year-old Leonardo “sees” his best friend’s impending murder, sending the two boys-and the new girl at school-on a desperate race against time to stop the murder before it can happen.

Michael J. Bowler belongs to the Horror Writer’s Association of America, the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. His spec screenplay – THE GOD MACHINE – was the 1st Place Winner in the 2017 Scriptapalooza Competition. He’s also made low-budget films, written stage plays, taught high school, and continues his work as a lifelong volunteer with youth.


ALL THE UNFORTUNATE DREAMERS by Audra Atoche (2nd equal)

Audra Atoche

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: Interns in the afterlife’s Dream Bureau are forbidden to interfere with dreams, but when self conscious Saoirse glimpses her missing brother in a dreamscape, she breaks rules to find him, uncovering a plot to destroy the DB and release nightmares onto the waking world.

Audra Atoche is an aspiring author writing MG and YA fiction with a focus on dark fantasy.  She has her Masters in Library and Information Sciences with a specialization in Children’s Literature and has worked as a Youth Librarian, a Children’s Book Specialist, and a University Reference and Research Instructor. She runs Auggie-Talk book blog and can often be found trying to be clever on Twitter.


FORTY DAYS by Kojishi Dae (2nd equal)

Kojishi Dae

Genre: Thriller

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: When Mira’s best friend commits suicide, she’s seen as another victim of the social media challenge persuading young Bulgarians to kill themselves. But Mira is determined to prove the death was murder, even if she has to join the dark game and risk loosing her own body and soul.

Mother of two, wife to one, manager of a small web development company, and writer. These are the divisions within Kojishi. Her free time (what’s that?) is spent hiking, reading, playing board games, and binge watching old TV shows. (Buffy anyone?)


KONADAI by Elisa Stryker (4th equal)

Elisa Stryker

Genre: Fantasy with SciFi Elements

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: Hiromi strives to create a cure for a virus turning those infected into Konadai—mutated beasts with insatiable hunger. The last hope for utopia lies in the genes of her friend & his young siblings. She must choose between protecting or harvesting them

I was born and raised in Arkansas where my biggest accomplishment in life was being an extra in my high school’s performance of High School Musical. When I’m not writing, I indulge in role-playing games and way too much sushi.


THE FAR SIDE OF THE GALAXY by Glen Deakin (4th equal)

Glen Deakin profile
Glen Deaken

Genre: Science Fiction

Age Group: MG

Pitch – 280 characters: An incident at CERN hurls 13 yr-old Daniel Armstrong to the far side of the galaxy. With the help of a reluctant alien warrior, a neurotic, high-tech robot and a scientist who died before Daniel was born, he must try to survive long enough to find a way back home

Glen Deakin is a statistician, puppet-maker, beaver scout leader and writer. Originally from Coventry, he now lives with his family near Glasgow, in a house filled with puppets, lego, magic and books.


SENECA FALLS by Ralph Browning (6th)

Ralph Browning

Genre: Science Fiction

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: Daisy, a super-soldier in a future female-dominated society, where men are cherished but controlled, rescues Adam; a teen claiming to be from 2018. Falling for him and his gender equality ideas, she must discover where he came from and save him from hormonal realignment

Ralph lives with his family in France just outside Geneva. He divides his time between writing YA novels and picture books, freelance marketeering, and slaughtering the French language.


DANCE, DANCE, DIE! by Loretta Chefchaouni (7th equal)

Loretta Chefchaouni

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: “Red Shoes” retell: 15 yo dyspraxic Annora’s red shoes transform her from klutz to swan just in time for the homecoming dance. Now her parkour crush thinks she’s a ninja, but the grace-granting shoes come with a vengeful ghost who wants Annora to pay for using them—with her soul.

Loretta Chefchaouni lives in the far-too-sunny state of Florida, USA, where she homeschools two teen boys while pursuing her passion for writing. In the snippets of time between schooling, plotting, wording, and momming, Loretta likes to dote on her pets, curl up with a good book, and drink coffee by the pot. She is currently seeking a dream agent who will love her fantastical stories and quirky characters as much as she does.


DANIEL STRANGE & THE PRIME MINISTER’S P.L.O.P. by Jenny Pearson (7th equal)

Jenny Pearson

Genre: Humour/Spy/Action

Age Group: MG

Pitch – 280 characters: When Daniel said he’d do anything to find his brother, he didn’t expect to end up in a bra, a boyband, or a plot against the Prime Minister. But a power- hungry, child-hater lives at no10 & Daniel is ready to take her down. WEIRD SCIENCE & SPY KIDS

I am a Curtis Brown alumna, primary school teacher and herder of two small boys.  I’m usually doing something sporty but these days I’m likely to be found hammering away on my laptop.



Kate Foster

Genre: Contemporary

Age Group: MG

Pitch – 280 characters: Sam’s 12 & knows he’s autistic, even if Mum still *mouths* the word. It’s keeping friends that’s the prob. With the PAWS dog show in town, Sam signs up Kev his poodle in the happiest dog round. That winning trophy is his last chance to make a pal before high school.

Kate is a freelance editor, MG Pitch Wars mentor, and the editorial director of a small press. Books, food, family, and dogs!



Leslie Rush

Genre: YA Magical Realism

Age Group: YA

Pitch – 280 characters: Vivi doesn’t just control her dreams-she can walk into the dreams of others. When the CIA believes her little brother has her powers, dreamwalker Vivi must infiltrate the mind of a rogue agent to save her brother, mother & new love from a dark mind-control plot

Leslie lives in the desert Southwest. Disguised as an adult, she teaches History while eavesdropping on hundreds of teens, who will all end up in her novels.