After the amazing success of #PeerPitch last year (so many of the authors participating went on to get agents – more about this in a later post!) we are back this year!

We have decided to start the year with original #PeerPitch format – that’s the Twitter pitch only – as we figured in the early part of the year, many writers will be trying to vie between ideas and concepts and this may help!

The ScribblersThe good news is that Twitter’s expanded tweet means you all now have 280 characters to blow us away with your story ideas!

Remember all that frustration last year at squeezing in so much and missing so much more! Well, that’s still going to be the case…but at least now you have a little more wiggle room!


We will have our ‘Peer’ period from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd February, where you can post your pitches with the hashtag #PeerPitch, and then give and receive feedback from each other.

The Scribblers will pop in from time to time where needed and help those who perhaps need it more, and we hope that this will be the most beneficial part of the process. You’ll hopefully finish with a more polished pitch, perhaps you’ll post several and come to a conclusion about which is strongest and more importantly, hopefully you’ll have had the opportunity to meet and bond with fellow authors!


That really is the aim of #PeerPitch.

Once again, we have some amazing judges for the contest part, which is again free! We will confirm who they are before the contest opens.

The contest form will open on Friday 23rd at noon and will remain open until Sunday midnight. So you have all weekend to send in your best 3 pitches (all from different novels, of course).

We’re not going to get bogged down on rules, etc – hey, this is meant to be fun, but I’ll post our general rules/guidelines at the end. If you’re not sure about anything, you can fire me (@swhitewriting) a tweet or the general Scribbler account and one of us will get back to you.


  • All entries must be for novels which are either YA or MG. We will not be reading adult or picture book pitches.
  • When taking part in the #PeerPitch on Twitter, do not be horrible! We want the environment to be one of sharing and learning. Any non-constructive, offensive or nasty replies or tweets will be deleted, and the offending tweeter blocked and blacklisted. Remember, how you act online will be seen by people within the industry. DO NOT be that person.
  • You may pitch up to 3 different books, BUT each book must have its own entry. Do not send us several variations of pitches for the same novel. Choose your best and send that one only.
  • You must not exceed the character limit. Any above this will not be read and disqualified from the competition. Be sure to check this before you send – use MS Word’s character counter and manually count to double check.
  • If you miss any of the information on the form, we will not consider your entry. This is because we will not have time to chase down details. Please include everything that’s asked for, first time.
  • Only entries received during the window until Sunday 25th midnight will be counted. Any received outside this window will not be considered. Do account for time zones if you are entering from outside the UK.
  • The judges verdict is final, and we will not enter into any discussions regarding placement. As you’ll understand, it’s a very subjective industry, and therefore we ask that you respect this. Each entrant will receive some feedback and again this is only our opinion.
  • We will post the long list, short list and the winners on our blog page and alert everyone on Twitter using the #PeerPitch when the results are to be announced.
  • Scribblers will be getting involved in the #PeerPitch feedback week, but don’t worry, we won’t be entering the competition! We want your feedback as much as you want ours!

If you have any further questions about the competition, please do ask in the comments box below, or get in touch over on Twitter.

Good luck, and may the force be with you!