Ever entered a contest and had no response or likes?
Does your opening or synopsis not do it’s job? Not sure how to improve it?

Well, we might just have the thing for you…read on…

What is #PeerPitch #1st250 and Synopsis?

There are 2 elements – you can take part in either or both –

  • #PeerPitch #1st250 on Twitter for one week from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd October 2017 for you guys to help each other on your first 250 words and 200 word synopses.
  • a competition to help EVERYONE who enters with their opening 250 words and short synopsis for their novels (Midnight Sunday 22nd October 2017 until midnight Friday 27th October 2017).
  • All times GMT.

How to take part in the #PeerPitch Twitter event?

Between Monday 16th until Sunday 22nd October, simply post your Twitter pitch or first 250 words or 200 word synopsis, along with #PeerPitch in the tweet and both ourselves and fellow writers can like, retweet and reply to whatever you post, either offering support and encouragement or helpful, constructive feedback. During this week long #PeerPitch, we’ll invite you to post as many attempts as you wish, looking to refine your openings, or produce several versions, using both us and your fellow writers to hone and improve pitches, openings and short synopses.

#PeerPitch #1st250/Synopsis competition

Then, on Sunday 22nd October 2017 at Midnight and for the full week that follows, you can enter our free competition. Simply enter your Twitter pitch (140 characters), 250-word openings and 200 word synopses into the contact form which will appear at the top of this post when the competition opens.

We will then post each entry onto our site. A condition of entry and being eligible for winning the competition is that you give feedback to 5 fellow entrants, using the comments section beneath their entries.

We will check, so make sure if you enter, you do this, or you will not be able to win.

As is the nature of #PeerPitch, we know that you will all do this. It ensures that everyone gets plenty of feedback from the competition.

So, to summarise, for the comp you need –

  • 140 character Twitter Pitch
  • 200 word synopsis
  • 250 word opening




EVERYONE receives some sort of feedback if they enter the competition. Even if not selected as a winner, you will get some advice and feedback on improving your pitch/opening/synopsis. There is literally nothing to lose by entering this competition.

You also receive a 10% discount code for Writers HQ courses. If you want to know how good these courses are, check out Lorna’s report on her experience. And my own under the tab courses.

Once you enter and we send you feedback after the competition results, we will also send you the 10% discount code.

EVERYONE also gets a 10% discount code for WONDER WRITERS, Editorial & Mentoring services from &  – Kickass Help for Writers in Distress!

This will also be sent to you after contest results are announced.

Our judges will select 3 winners from the emailed entries and each will receive a prize of first-page feedback on their WIP novel from two different people.

The outright winner will receive a full author feature on our blog and will have their honed first page/synopsis and pitch published on our blog as well.

We will also publish the first 250 words of all our shortlisted entries and finalists.



Sarah Lewis @fictionalsarahthumbnail_sarah-lewis-1

Sarah Lewis is a co-founder of Writers’ HQ. She graduated in the top 20% of her MA creative writing class at UEA, won the David Higham Award, won an Arts Council grant to complete her first novel under the mentorship of critically acclaimed author Peter Hobbs, was one of the NWS10 talented early career writers, and gained a rarely given special mention in the BBC Short Story Award in 2013.

Jo Gatford @jmgatfordthumbnail_jo1

Jo Gatford is the author of White Lies, winner of the 2013 Luke Bitmead Bursary. Her short fiction has been featured in Aesthetica, Litro, PANK, Open Pen and elsewhere. Her story ‘Bing Bong’ was the winner of the 2014 Fiction Desk flash fiction prize. She is currently working on her second novel.

Both Sarah and Jo run several different courses at Writers HQ.

Chloe Seager @ChloeSeager1484827394chloe

Chloe is a literary agent at Diane Banks Associates and is responsible for the agency’s children’s and young adult business as well as science fiction and fantasy. Chloe is herself a published author of young adult fiction, with her first novel Editing Emma: The Secret Blog of a Nearly Proper Person published by HQ in 2017.


Laura West @LozWestyLW-web-2016


Laura joined David Higham Associates after reading English Literature at Sussex University and Oregon State University. She worked first in the Film, TV & Theatre Department before moving to Books. In the past she worked at Waterstone’s and the Brighton outpost of The Lamb Bookshop.

Laura works with Veronique Baxter on her authors and is interested in fiction of all kinds especially writing and illustrating for children and young adults; and literary adult fiction.

You can find her on Twitter @LozWesty


  • All entries must be for novels which are either YA or MG. We will not be reading adult or picture books.
  • On Twitter, the best way to present your #1st250 words or 200 word synopsis is to do a screen shot from word. Be sure to crop it, so the words are not tiny! We’ll do a few demo ones when we launch. Use the actual tweet (140 characters) to give us info about the book, like title, genre, age etc.
  • When taking part in the #PeerPitch #1st50 on Twitter, do not be horrible! We want the environment to be one of sharing and learning. Any non-constructive, offensive or nasty replies or tweets will be deleted, and the offending tweeter blocked and blacklisted. Remember, how you act online will be seen by people within the industry. DO NOT be that person.
  • You may enter 3 different entries for the competition, BUT each entry must be from different books. Do not send us several variations of openings for the same novel. Choose your best for that book and send that one only.
  • You must not exceed the word limits. Any above this will be disqualified from the competition, though we will leave them up on the blog to allow feedback. Be sure to check this before you send – use MS Word’s word counter and manually count to double check.
  • Only entries received during the submission window stated will be counted. Any received outside this window will not be considered. Do account for time zones if you are entering from outside the UK. The form should appear and disappear during the window only, so if you subbed via the form, you’re in.
  • The judges verdict is final, and we will not enter into any discussions regarding placement. As you’ll understand, it’s a very subjective industry, and therefore we ask that you respect this. Each entrant will receive some feedback and again this is only our opinion.
  • We will post the long list, short list and the 3 winners on our blog page and alert everyone on Twitter using #PeerPitch #1st50 when the results are to be announced.
  • Scribblers will be getting involved in the #PeerPitch #1st250 / 200 word synopsis feedback week, but don’t worry, we won’t be entering the competition! We want your feedback as much as you want ours!

If you have any further questions about the competition, please do ask in the comments box below, or get in touch over on Twitter.

Good luck, and may the force be with you!

Who are we?

The Scribblers.png

We are a group of writers (at various stages on the writing journey) who want to help other writers in whatever way we can. We met on CBC’s Writing for Children course in 2015 and have since remained close and continue to help each other to improve. Knowing how much our support group has helped us, and how lonely it is out there on your own, we wanted to help others build their networks, too.

So came the idea of #PeerPitch. And now #1st250.

You can keep up to date with everything through our shared Twitter, @ScribblersBlog, and through this website.