Hey folks, I’ve decided rather than writing/editing, that I should make this instead…that counts as writing, aye?

That’s me up top…too old for Hogwarts, too few midi-chlorians to become a Jedi, too tall for a hobbit, too weak-stomached for GoT. Basically, I love the SFF but I’m not a main character, that’s why I write about them!


Intersex Ice-Witch Corena Storm lives in a binary, deeply religious world, controlled by a religious body called the Kurikon, that alienates and discriminates against her and fellow wiccan. When Corena’s wiccan abilities (to form and manipulate ice from water) are discovered by her local community, she is sent away by her parents to be reconditioned.

But when her wiccan brother, Pat, is executed after freeing her from the depths of a Kurikon prison, she seeks revenge on the Queen who ordered the eradication of the wiccan nearly a decade before.

Disguised as a boy to hide her identity, she infiltrates the Queen’s personal wiccan hunting squad. But when Corena unexpectedly falls in love with one of the killers, she must choose between avenging her brother’s death or a future with the girl who she’s fallen for.

STORM RISING is a YA Fantasy complete at 89,000 words. It is a mash up of AND I DARKEN, FROSTBLOOD and TWELFTH NIGHT.



  • Non-European fantasy setting with multiple, unique landscapes/places
  • Kick-ass lead MC
  • Several huge secrets
  • Even badder-ass main antagonist
  • Multiple minor antagonists
  • Conflicted, edgy and complex characters
  • Betrayal (aplenty!)
  • Strong sibling relationship
  • Messy family dynamics
  • Individual character arcs with opposing motivations
  • Complex group dynamics and conflict
  • Diverse characters
  • Witches (wicce/wicca)
  • A religious body determined to eradicate everyone they deem unnatural
  • Slow-burning, but complicated and tension-filled romances
  • LGBQI characters
  • Contrasting abilities and unusual powers
  • Persecution and resistance
  • High concept story
  • Big reveals and twists


I’d be your Padawan, dutifully listening to your Yoda-like words of wisdom…slowly learning the ways of the force…there’d be no pain (well, hopefully not much!), anger, hate, and while the suffering would be mild (editing and rewriting whole epic saga in 2 months would be a slog!) I’d be your man. I’d step up and Luke Skywalker the crap out of that Death Star of revision!

Seriously, I’d be receptive to all feedback given, willing to work hard to improve every element suggested and happy to rewrite/revise as much as is required within the time frame to improve the manuscript and transform it into, hopefully, something which people would enjoy reading. I’m a good communicator and I’m fast to respond but also to work, so I’d be happy with tight turnarounds and lots of revision.

Oh, and I’d be Flash-like getting them edits and revisions done!


All dem Jedi skills! Seriously, teach me the ways of the force…there’s nothing left for me on the desert wastes of Tatooine…take me to Degobah (or wherever!) and train me…let me become a Jedi like all those before me. I will not let you down Master!

Again, sorry, this is the serious part…Someone to look on the story and offer some big picture revisions, but also to look at smaller in-scene particulars and ensure that each is giving out maximal emotional impact within the context of the fast-paced plot.



  • Red Rising
  • Pantomime
  • I Am Number Four
  • Station Eleven
  • 5th Wave
  • Red Queen
  • Rebel of the Sands
  • Legend
  • The Power
  • Knights of the Borrowed Dark
  • Game of Thrones


Ice-Skating in a Kilt…smart idea, huh?

I’m a 34 year-old Scottish writer, who also teaches Biology, and loves rugby, burgers, watch too many series on Netflix, and, of course, reading all the YA SFF!

Seriously, strike up a conversation about Star Wars or Marvel/DC and I’m all yours…

I’ve been long listed here and there and was runner-up in the Ink and Insights Master Novel contest in 2015. I was also a finalist in #PitProm last month.


As a biology teacher, teaching chromosomal and genital variations to youngsters struggling with identity, gender uncertainty or dysmorphia is an issue which I feel strongly about. Young intersex people need to see heroes/heroines in fiction they can relate to.

The main character, Corena, is intersex and I think that her’s is an important voice that needs to be heard by people across the world. 1.7% of the population is intersex.

I believe this novel will appeal as our main protagonist is like many young people; unsure of her identity and her place in the world. And while she is different and unique, being intersex and an Ice-Witch, she must overcome loss and grief to make the world better for others like her. The core themes of tackling discrimination and coming to terms with who you are will appeal to a large percentage of young people.

In addition, the fantasy elements of the story, combining witchcraft, superpowers and new world will add the texture and excitement to the story that will hopefully have young readers rooting for our protagonist.