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Ashley McAnelly @ashewriter20170711_083631

I have a BA in English and current teach high school English. I won the Gwaltney Fiction Scholarship from Arkansas Tech University for my short story “Abductions and Deliveries.” Mother of a beautiful 18mo old girl, and wife to a supportive husband, I reside in Arkansas.


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Ellie Lock @ellielockx3rd June 2017 016

This is me fishing and retaining an air of mystery. Other hobbies include fleeing the cold hand of Death and hoovering up Lego when no one’s looking.


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Jeanna Skinner @JeannaLStars


Jeanna Skinner (aka Beaky Pervert for reasons best unsaid) writes an eclectic mix of Adult & YA romance and thrillers – and the occasional picture book for children. A former Scribblers Blog Peer Pitch winner, she (along with fellow writer/winner @FinlaysonPalmer) will soon be offering their pitching and mentoring services to writers in need. Details coming soon! Co-creator of #ViggoGif Thursdays: dreamy gifs of Viggo Mortensen, badly disguised as writing inspiration.


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Emma Umpleby @EmmaUmpleby

Emma has been thinking about writing for a long time, but this year has finally started writing down the story that’s been rattling around the back of her head for over a decade. She plays roller derby, and lives in Yorkshire with a lopsided, eccentric dog.


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Deb Drick @DebDrickdeb 7-17

Deb Drick is a mother of three and grandmother of seven. She is having the time of her life learning all about writing novels, and began writing for middle grade audiences to encourage her grandchildren to read.

When Deb isn’t working as Executive Director of G1NBC Livingston County, she loves to garden and travel with her husband of 26 years.

Facebook: Deborah Drick


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Marisa Blagden @MarisaNoelle77120722 DSC_6786-2.jpg

BSC in Psychology from Royal Holloway, Writers Bureau short story and novel writing course, Curtis Brown 3 month writing for children, Writers HQ  Plotstormers 2, Aaron Sorkin’s masterclass in screenwriting, Peer pitch 1 & 2 shortlisted (yay!)

Although I cant touch my toes I can put my legs behind my neck. I’m half American half British.  Lived in the find area of the OC in California when I was younger. My father can speak fluent Donald Duck. I say fuck a lot. I like ice cream feasts of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough, fudge brownie and peanut butter cup slathered with dry roasted peanuts and chocolate sauce.


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Oscar Allen @caddajaoscar pic

Oscar was born on southbound I35, deep in the heart of Texas. He grew up eating breakfast tacos and listening to Willie. He’s currently sojourning in the corn fields of the Midwest, while his wife, who’s much smarter than he is, works on her PhD. They have a cranky, old dog and an insane tortie. When Oscar isn’t watching board game reviews on Youtube or losing the board games to his wife, he’s working on his second contemporary fantasy novel set in Texas.


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Katherine Toran @bookgirl_ktToran_Katherine_University of Kentucky picture

Katherine Toran has had short fiction published in Abyss & Apex Magazine, the Whortleberry Press anthology Strange Changes, Every Day Fiction and Short Fiction Break. She is also an economics PhD student at the University of Kentucky. She has coauthored eight nonfiction research papers, and writes fiction as a relief from the endless math jargon.


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Lydia Massiah @lydia_massiahFB_IMG_1499875315804

The most noteworthy thing that has happened to me is that Philip Pullman was my supervisor when I trained to be a teacher. Before that I studied English at Exeter College, Oxford (the inspiration for Pullman’s Jordan College). I’ve worked in education as a secondary English teacher (mainly in the comprehensive reincarnation of Teresa May’s old school!) and as a specialist teaching assistant in a Middle School in Somerset.

I’m a wildlife and outdoors fanatic who has a love/hate relationship with caves. Living in Somerset allowed me to explore my cave obsession further. The terror they inspire, the sheer physicality of going down them, their history and otherworldliness have been a key inspiration for my YA supernatural/historical fiction. Meanwhile, my three teenage sons usefully tell me when my writing is shit. Having got half way through my second YA novel, found, then lost an agent – I decided to get my act together and learn more by doing a Curtis Brown Creative online course in 2016. And then I met my people… which has been an education in itself!


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Jolie McCarthy @jolie_mccartyjm

Jolie is a current graduate student at New York University, working on a Master’s degree in the history of women and gender. She translates her historic interests in feminism, violence, memory, and the military into her fiction. In particular, she loves writing young adult fantasy. You can find her on Twitter at @jolie_mccarty, and blogging at