• 6 intensive weeks of preparation.
  • Exercises to get your first page, query letter and synopsis into super tip-top shape.
  • Quality feedback from the guru’s and peers.
  • Links, resources, videos and guidance on agents/publishers a-plenty.
  • USP’s, what to do, what not to do and what to do once you’ve submitted and what happens next.
  • Supportive forum with other writers at the same stage as you.

This is only a fraction of what’s on offer – for a fuller account, either visit the Writers HQ website or read this post by Jo Gatford all about it.

I’m a bit of a serial Writers HQ student and have completed several of their courses now. And so far, none of them have disappointed. I’ve finished each of them more full developed and knowledgeable and in a better position with my manuscript than before I started.

But what about this course.brighton-writers-retreat-general-logo-web-01-1-460x456

Well, having gone through the submission process a couple of times before and experienced most things (from form rejections to close calls in securing an agent) and I didn’t know if I would learn too much that I didn’t already know.

I was wrong.

The plethora of material out there on the internet is incredible and the course directed me to so many great websites about the submission process that I’d never seen before and have since become a reliable source of learning and new knowledge.

The video content with an agent was super, the interviews with published authors (who’ve gone through a variety of routes to get there) were invaluable and it’s always super to here personal accounts, and notes and advice from the guru’s themselves is spot-on and put across in their classically hilarious and to-the-point manner!

If you’re close to submitting, or you have done in the past and you’re not sure where you’ve gone wrong, give this course a try. You will learn new things. You will improve your synopsis, first page and query letter. You will see examples of the some of the worst and best queries out there.

You will benefit, both on this current manuscript, and with all the others you write in the future.

Be cool, be a Writers HQ course groupie! There’s loads of us now, and we all chat away merrily on Twitter. So even if you just want some banter, #ViggoGifs, #fridaynightstayinginclub, #writegoals or you just like people swearing whilst also speaking articulately about writing, then this is the place to be.

Next course is June 19th!