Al-Most Haunted by Emma Dykes (@emmydee73)

Genre/Category: YA/Comedy
Pitch: Indie is dead. To qualify for Afterlife Entry she must haunt her boyfriend-stealing sister. But for the love of family she becomes a reluctant ghost, and risks an eternity in limbo wearing cotton bunny pyjamas.

Ghosted by Scarlet Noire (@Scarlet_Noire)

Genre/Catergory: YA Thriller
Pitch: Mia is confused after boyfriend ghosts her and wont return calls/texts. She is drawn into a dark world of obsession and internet stalking to find his true identity, but can she handle the truth?

Girl Code by Jeanna Skinner (@JeannaLStars)

Genre/Category: YA/Thriller
Pitch: Online teen clique turns deadly when mousy FoxyMoron’s BFF is murdered. She must unmask the killer framing her, or worse – be next. Don’t break the “Girl Code”. Unreliable narrators. Pretty Little Liars meets Internet Girls. 

I Wouldn’t Start From Here by Sheila Adamson

Genre/Category: YA contemporary/sci-fi
Pitch: A teenager desperate to save her alcoholic dad finds a time machine. Turns out it’s easier to change history than change people. Heartbreak, time travel and bad choices.

Jaz and the Mysterious Tablet: Faraway World by Deb Drick (@DebDrick)

Genre/Category: Middle Grade/Magical Realism
Pitch: Deciphering the cryptic clues on an ancient stone tablet is 12 y/o Jaz’s only hope at finding the father he’d believed dead. He will either save him­­ or share his fate.

LEGEND HAS IT by Brooke Urbaniak (Anne Lutz) (@AnneLutz03)

Genre: MG Fantasy
Pitch: Bullied 12 y/o finds gems that turn his “friends” into monsters of legend. He must undo his actions to save them from dark magic.

Spectrum by Marisa Noelle (@MarisaNoelle77)

Genre/Cat – YA Mental Health
Pitch: 3 orphaned siblings, Jason (Dyslexia), Hayley (ADHD) & Lewis (Aspergers) hunt for a missing Aunt in California.  Flaming tempers, ADHD restlessness and dyslexic miscalculations present problems escaping their NY orphanage to ‘Greyhound’ to California

The Book Boyfriend by Jeanna Skinner (@JeannaLStars)

Genre/Category: YA/Romance
Pitch: When romance-junkie Emmy’s latest literary hero – reformed Tudor rake, Sir Jonathan Dalgliesh – magically comes to life, she must rewrite the cursed book imprisoning him, or face Fatally Ever After. Luckily, she’s no damsel in distress.

The Boy of Orion by Emma Dykes (@emmydee73)

Genre/Category: YA/Fantasy
Pitch: When Carron turns up with no memory, he’s suspicious of everyone. Guildmasters, doctors, cultists, all want to ‘help’. He must learn who to trust before his assassin father hunts him down to claim him back.

Weirdos Of London by Ellie Lock (@ellielockx)

Genre/Category: MG Paranormal Adventure
Pitch: Clumsy Freddie’s desperate to join Weirdos Of London. They prefer ghost-hunting to school. But their creepy employer’s tricked them into capturing London’s soul. Freddie must discover his inner weirdo to set the frozen city free.

Welcome to Worros by Becks Nunn (@RebeccaNunn)

Genre/Category: MG Fantasy
Pitch: Transported by her tears, 11yo grief-stricken Alisa is stranded with a dragon and a fairy in far-off Worros. To escape, they must each conquer a life-enhancing challenge. Fail. And their souls will be lost forever.