A Witch in Time by Emma Finlayson-Palmer (@FinlaysonPalmer)me-bookbound

Genre/Catergory: MG Fantasy
Pitch: 12 year old trainee Time Witch, Feather, develops her time magic and races against the clock to save the world from destruction, before the 13th hour strikes and dark magic consumes everything. Primeval meets Chrestomanci.


Billy and Chester: Partners in Grime by Mark Eccleston (@MarkEccleston1)

Category/Genre – MG/Comedy
Pitch – A sensitive schoolboy wants to be a chef. His father wants him to follow in his footsteps as  a sewer flusher. And a sewage monster wants revenge – worst ‘take your son to work day’… ever.


Dark Armor by Alechia Hirt (@EatSweetDS)unnamed

Genre/Category – YA Sci-Fi
Pitch – 
When Sidra glimpses the future, she escapes her kingdom to save Abby, a friend not as ordinary as she seems, and to prevent becoming a villain forced to destroy worlds that defy the Emperor.


Flame Tree Summer by Emma Styles (@emmawritesbooks)unnamed

Genre/Category – YA psychological thriller
Pitch – When amnesiac Kelly finds a body in her girlfriend’s pool, she must prove neither of them is a killer. But as evidence stacks up against them both, which version of the truth will she choose?


Guard of the Ungifted: The Flight of Connor Gray by E.C. Farrell (@celiselott)unnamed-1

Genre/Category – YA / Fantasy
Pitch – In 2055 there are the Gifted, the Ungifted, and then there’s Connor. Hunted for his gifts by his birth father, he must risk capture to stop a blood curse that threatens to enslave humanity.


The Curiosity Locker by Melissa Welliver (@Melliver)unnamed-2

Genre/Category – YA / Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Historical
Pitch – Scarred 16 year old Ettie can walk through doorways to the past – but when government agency P.O.R.T.A.L recruits her to save history, can she break the rules of time travel and also save her parents?


The Unadjusteds by Marisa Noelle (@MarisaNoelle77)120722 DSC_6786.jpg

Genre: YA/Sci-fi
Pitch: Forced to compete in a genetically enhanced world, 18yo Silver must battle modified monsters and save her friends from death, unknowing it is her own genetics that holds the key.


Those That Are Lost by Chris Roche (@cwroche)img_3935

Genre/Category YA Contemporary Literary Fiction

Pitch – Syrian refugee Zamira and psychiatric hospital escapee Sam join up and traverse London to find their lost families. With the help of some unlikely friends they overcome racism, stigma, and the ghosts of their pasts.


Winter’s Shadow by Emma Finlayson-Palmer (@FinlaysonPalmer)me-bookbound

Genre/Catergory: MG Ghost Story
Pitch: Winter isn’t like other twelve year olds, she is trapped between life and death. She must avenge her parents and find their killer before she transitions into a fully fledged ghost.


Your Sleeping Head by Marianne Holmes (@MarianneHolmes2)peerpitch-profile-pic

Genre/Category: YA, Suspense/Mystery
Pitch: Damaged Robyn needs to know the truth about the loss of her mother before she can heal and start living. But will she risk losing the only family she has left to get it?