Lorna has already written about her time with Writers HQ, doing the Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel course. Go read it here if you haven’t.

First up, as this is a review for a Writers HQ course, you need to know – there will swearing…lots of it. These ladies do not mince their words – they tell it like it is. Their tag line – STOP FUCKING ABOUT AND START WRITING.


That’s right, you heard them. The number one best advice a writer ever got.

Here’s the clean version – ‘If you wish to become a writer, write.’

So true, and the mantra over at Writers HQ is very much about work, work, work – write them words down. Then write some more. Flash-like!


As someone who has never really plotted any of my previous novels (probs why they’ve never been published!) I approached the course with the same approach a muggle would a wand.

But, despite being muggle-born, it turns out I could plot. In 6 short weeks, I developed a very in-depth and detailed plan for my current novel.

It’s kinda shit, I’ll be honest. Probably worse than that. But it’s a plan. I plotted. I plotted like I’ve never plotted before.

They have week-by-week exercises, notes, videos from established authors and forums to discuss and share work with fellow writers. A place for chat but also for supportive feedback and wise words from the Yoda’s (aw crap I’m getting my stories mixed up – should’ve said Dumbledore – but it’s not like I can just delete it, right? Plus it’s Yoda. I’m sticking with him) of Writers HQ, Sarah and Jo.


Constant encouragement, invaluable advice and incredible value for money – there is nothing to not like about it. (I love a double negative!)

So if you’re stories have holes in them the size of Snape’s nose, who ya gonna call: PLOTSTORMERS!

And if you finish the course, you get one of these bad boys!


BTW, Sarah and Jo are two of our judges for this edition of #PeerPitch. What’s #PeerPitch? Fear not, young Padawan (damn, I did it again) we have all the answers here