As we progress through our various stages of the writer’s journey, from novice to slush to agented to publication, we thought there would be many writers out there who would love to hear a bit more from us and all that we have learnt so far!

I must emphasise that the series of vlog/blogs that we’re planning to post are OUR thoughts/experiences/learnings and should not be taken as any kind of teaching or expertise. That said, hopefully between us, we will have lots valuable things to say that might help even one or two other writers out there.

The forthcoming series will feature both video (vlog) and written content (blog) from members of our group, giving their thoughts on different of aspects of writing. Some examples of areas we plan to explore are below. First up, Opening Lines. We do hope you find them relatable, insightful or at least entertaining.

1. Opening lines.
2. Titles.
3. Characters we love – protagonists.
4. Characters we love to hate – antagonists.
5. Dialogue
6. Description
7. Conflict – internal and external
8. Raising tension
9. Plotting and story arcs
10. Endings
11. Synopses
12. Cover letters
13. First three chapters – how to hook your reader?

We won’t necessarily post in this order, use all of them and we might even add others. We will keep you updated.

Hakuna Matata