As a school teacher, I know the only way to start this blog is with objectives, right?giphy.gif
What is our aim? Why have this group of writers set this up?
Well, for a start, we feel like we have something to say and to share with the writing community. Writing can be a lonely, disheartening and frustrating hobby/occupation.
We hope in time to build a substantial body of experiences, advice and encouragement for fellow writers and others following our progress. In short, we hope that we can share our respective journeys from writing newbies to published authors, with all the setbacks and twists that many authors face early in their career.giphy.gif
From slush pile to published, or as I like to say, from slush to lush.
So seriously, here are some actual objectives.

  • to share experiences and steps on the pathway.
  • to help ourselves and other writers because giphy.gifby sharing our experiences we automatically enable others to do the same.
  • to document individual’s progress and give an accurate representation of timescales, processes and the actual stages involved in this journey.
  • to provide humour, deliver exciting news and even share some of the darker, less glamorous times.
  • to share writing resources we’ve come across and recommendations.
  • to share book recommendations (and not just our own).
  • and last, but not least, to share a platform with several other writers who have become very close to me and have enabled and encouraged me to become a better writer, every single day.

With these objectives in mind, we do invite others to comment, contribute and cheers us on, so don’t be shy. Have a read, let us know what you think and do let us know if you have experienced the same things that we have.

May the force be with you…giphy-1.gif